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  • The hair oil contains two phases, is this normal?
    Our hair oil was intentionally divided into two phases, and there's a good reason for that. Only this way does your hair receive the perfect blend of moisture and care. The oil phase provides moisture, strengthens the hair, protects against heat, and improves elasticity to prevent hair breakage. The rose water nourishes the hair, strengthens the moisture barrier, prevents split ends, and gives your hair the ultimate glow.
  • How is the application recommendation for the oil?
    Our multi-purpose hair oil can be used as a pre-styling on wet hair or as a refresher on dry hair, as well as an overnight mask treatment.
  • Can I use the Hair oil on a daily basis?
    Certainly! You can use the hair oil every day, depending on your preferences. Morning and evening, for optimal benefits. With its natural ingredients, it restores your hair's natural beauty like no other product.
  • Where can I buy My choice?
    My choice is available in the Omni Salon and Lani Pur in Winterthur, as well as online.
  • Is the hair oil suitable for all hair types?
    Yes, hair oil is suitable for all hair types. It's crafted to strike a balance - not too greasy with the inclusion of two phases, yet not too light. The natural ingredients are blended to offer benefits to all hair types.
  • Can I use the Hair oil on greasy hair?
    Thanks to the rose water component of the hair oil, it naturally reduces the natural fat content of the hair and provides it with a natural shine.
  • Can I use My choice on dry or wet hair?
    My choice can be used on both dry and wet hair. See also the How to use videos.
  • Does the Hair oil benefit hair growth?
    Yes, Lavender oil is known to benefit hair growth by improving scalp health, combating dandruff, and increasing blood circulation to hair follicles. Its calming aroma also reduces stress, promoting healthier hair.
  • Does the oil contain parabens or sulfates?
    No, it was important to us to produce a purely vegetable and natural hair oil so that you know exactly what you are using in your hair.
  • To which countries is My choice shipped?
    My choice is currently only available in Switzerland.
  • How long does it take until I receive my package?
    There is the option of sending A Mail, which is usually delivered within one day, or the option of B Mail, which is delivered within two days. You can find more detailed information on the Swiss Post website.
  • Can I return my order?
    Yes, as long as the product is still packaged and unused, it can be returned within 2 weeks of receipt.
  • My package was lost, what can I do?
    We try to offer the best possible service. If your package was lost or arrived damaged, please report this via email:
  • What payment options are accepted?
    We accept the following payment methods: PayPal Credit card instant transfer
  • What can I do if my payment is not accepted?
    There are various reasons why payment for an order has failed. It could be due to a technical problem. Please contact Customer Support,, so we can fix the problem.
  • When will I get my refund?
    It all depends on the banks involved. Refunds can take up to 14 days to post.
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