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Our story

My choice is a Swiss brand born in Winterthur. At My Choice, we believe that taking care of your hair and skin should be an essential part of life, along with a healthy diet and physical fitness.


Our founder, Nadine von Flüe, is a professional model and quickly learned that permanent styling and environmental influences can damage hair.


My choice came about because we believe that nature provides everything we need. We wanted to create a product that brings you closer to the secrets of a wide variety of raw materials.

One that rebuilds the hair, contributes to the best hair quality and, above all, is suitable for all hair types.


My choice is enriched with different oils, which in combination get the best out of the hair to make every day a good hair day.

Since it is important for a model to also look good "on the go", the My choice hair oil is equipped with a spray head, which enables a controlled finish and ensures a quick refreshment at any time.

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